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View More Mitsubishi Fuso Canter(4P10)2013
FOB:US$ 12,000
C&F:US$ 19,000

Stock No 2-68132
Model TKG-FEA20
Location Tokyo
Mileage About 268,000 Km
Loading capacity 1900 kg
Weight Below 5 ton
View More ISUZU Elf(4JJ1)2007
FOB:US$ 11,000
C&F:US$ 16,200

Stock No 2-67790
Model BKG-NLR85N
Location Tokyo
Mileage About 287,000 Km
Loading capacity 2000 kg
Weight Below 5 ton
View More Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great(6M60)2005
FOB:US$ 14,000
C&F:US$ 25,800

Stock No 1-68347
Model PJ-FQ61FN
Location Tokyo
Mileage About 978,000 Km
Loading capacity 11000 kg
Weight Below 20 ton
View More Mitsubishi Fuso Canter(4D35)1997
FOB:US$ 9,500
C&F:US$ 15,300

Stock No 2-67681
Model KC-FE638E
Location Tokyo
Mileage About 25,000 Km
Loading capacity -
Weight -

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